Neuigkeiten aus der Conceptum-Welt

Erfahren Sie mehr über unsere neuesten erfolgreichen Transport-Vorhaben und die weltweiten Entwicklungen unseres Unternehmens. So spannend kann Logistik sein.

Unloading supervision in a refrigerator

After delivering approx. 9,000 frts of steel structures for the Mining Industry to Murmansk, our colleague from CL Hamburg supervised the un-loading process at max. 24 degrees below and with just 2 hours of daylight per day. A really cool job!

Let's meet at the Breakbulk Europe 2017!

We would be glad to welcome you at our booth of this year’s Breakbulk Europe in Antwerp.

It is the largest event in the world for project cargo & breakbulk and Conceptum Logistics belongs by far to the youngest and fastest growing enterprises in this field.

Come over and find out the reason for our rapid growth.


The perfect place for a personal loading supervision!

To supervise the loading operations for 2,075.532 cbm of highly sensitive and oversized steel structures on two chartered vessels, our colleagues from CL Hamburg went to the beautiful fjords of Molde/Vestnes in Norway - what a beautiful view!


It was damn cold, stormy and icy

These were the conditions Conceptum’s specialist for crane loading operations found at the port of loading in Poland.

With experience, the required sensitivity and timing 2,485 cbm of crane parts with dims up to 24.9 x 1.25 x 1.98m have been loaded safely on board.


Four stackers and bucket wheel reclaimers have been successfully delivered to Morocco

After route survey, site inspection, kick-off meetings with all parties at site and port of destination 9,000 frts of steel structures for a stacker reclaimer plus 100 containers of parts  have been delivered with personal un-loading supervision.


If there is no tug boat available, one has to use what is available

This time Conceptum Logistics Helsinki delivered +1,000 cbm of Heavy Duty Pontoons with 25 ts each, by part charter to Krabi, Thailand. Long tail boats arranged a safe and sound delivery to the final destination.


4,680 frts of evaporation tanks and accessories by charter

Our colleagues from CL Finland just sent off the final charter vessel to Japan. After cargo has been collected in Finland, Denmark, Germany and China it was shipped from Hamburg, Helsinki, Zhangjiagang and Shanghai to the ports of Kobe and Kokura.


… and another multimodal Autoclave transport

488 cbm of an Autoclave and parts have been moved by truck, barge and vessel from Germany to South Korea.

Whereas the break bulk cargo has been trucked and barged to Antwerp, the 40 OTs and flats have been moved to Hamburg via truck and rail.


One of the biggest single breakbulk-shipments handled in the port of Hamburg this year

Conceptum Logistics successfully shipped an MDF-Plant with around 9,000 frts plus 400 x 40’ containers from Germany, Holland, Turkey and China to Itapoa/Brazil.

Instead of moving the b/b-cargo on conventional carrier or containerized on flat racks as with the previous project, we brought a RoRo-vessel from Hamburg into Itapoa for the first time as inducement call.

Itapoa is a pure FCL-port and it was quite a novelty to handle a RoRo-vessel without fail, which required a lot of communication with the carrier and his Brazilian agent, the stevedore, the Port Authority of Itapoa and Brazilian customs in order to make it happen.

Our lady has been guided into the port without any waiting time and has been discharged within 12 hours with dozens of mafi-trailers and trucks squirming on the pier.

The second lot out of Hamburg added up to a total of 15,500 frts break bulk and container combined in a ConRoRo sailing, one of the biggest single breakbulk-shipments handled in the port of Hamburg this year.


An amazing project has been executed

After having shipped 7,582 frts incl. break-bulk, 70 x 40’ SOCs as well as 7 heavy lifts of 128 tons ex Europe to the Peruvian Jungle by beach landing operation, Conceptum Logistics returned to Iquitos to operate, coordinate and supervise the placement of the transformers, engines and alternators onto the foundations.

Already familiar with all local circumstances, the project continued being challenging, however this final part was also managed successfully by Conceptum and its partners.

This time one of the main issues was to overcome the limited space the units had to be moved, turned, lowered to ground and shifted within.

Despite climatic changes, varying between unbearably hot to tropical rains and an unconventional jobsite in all aspects, Conceptum Logistics completed the job to full satisfaction of everyone involved and within the given time frame.

To see the complete video of this project including the final project phase click here.

You can furthermore vote for this great project at the Breakbulk Magazine`s photo and video contest here.



Conceptum’s dedicated brewery equipment transport division moved 5,803.89 cbm of brewery tanks with piece weights up to 24 tons and diameter of 5.55m meters from Germany to the US.

Proper transport of these highly delicate and oversized tanks entailed months of rigid logistics planning, which included multi modal transport solutions via truck, barge and ocean vessel.

Units were delivered safely, on time and on budget.



A 368 metric tons piece with 5,700 cbm in one lot

Conceptum Logistics Hamburg operated over 24,000 frtons in one go from China and Taiwan to Saudi Arabia - another milestone in our petrochemical expertise.

As enquiry/fixation and first laycan were just less than 10 days apart, the cargo was very time sensitive.

However thanks to our local colleagues who personally supervised and monitored the trucking, delivery and loading operations, all was running well and to our customer’s full satisfaction.


Premium logistics for extraordinary freight

With Hamburg as 24/7 control tower and our team at the ports of loading and un-loading, Conceptum Logistics moved an Oil & Gas project from Germany via Austria and Romania to Oman.

By barge and platform the heavy lift and OOG cargo, with piece weights up to 310 ts and dims up to 1,548 cbm, has been moved via Linz to Constanta, already awaited by our colleague from Hamburg taking care of a trouble free loading process.

After the 4,350 cbm have been loaded directly onto vessel the next stop was Port of Sohar in Oman.

Also here Conceptum already waited to supervise and coordinate the un-loading process, customs clearance and on-carriage of this extraordinary freight up to the final site in Sohar by truck, police escorts and special traffic management.


A 50,000 cbm mining project to Marcona, Peru

After intensive route surveys, local site inspections and a detailed analysis and planning phase, 50,000 cbm of heavy lift and out of gauge steel structures were shipped by part- and full charter from diverse ports in China to Marcona in Peru.

For on-carriage in Peru, many licences had to be arranged, obstacles to be dismantled, heavy fog and Paracas wind to be passed and civil- as well as police escorts to be organised.

Even cargo with a width of 8.75 metres had to be maneuvered across 9.3 metre width bridges.

The whole project was personally supervised by our local Peruvian and Chinese offices as well as Conceptum’s German HQ´s top management.


An extremely time sensitive 158 ts shipment from Germany to China by truck, barge and ocean vessel

Conceptum Hamburg´s team moved a 158 ts and 1,600 x 660 x 660 cm autoclave plus parts from Germany to China.

The first part of the journey to Lüdinghausen was by truck on a 15 axle trailer. After arrival in Lüdinghausen the cargo was directly loaded from the trailer into the barge for on-transportation to Antwerp where everything was loaded onto sea vessel for final transport to Xingang, China.

Of cause all loading and un-loading operations have been personally supervised by Conceptum’s specialists to guarantee smooth and swift handling.


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