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Erfahren Sie mehr über unsere neuesten erfolgreichen Transport-Vorhaben und die weltweiten Entwicklungen unseres Unternehmens. So spannend kann Logistik sein.

Pyeongchang 2018

The opening ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games 2018 in Pyeongchang is right around the corner and Conceptum Logistics is already at the finish line. Click here to read more.

Conceptum's Newsletter 01/02 2018!

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Dismantling and relocating an Oxygen Plant

Conceptum Logistics India relocated a complete oxygen plant from Dolvi to Thane (Maharashtra) India.

The project contained dismantling, packing, stuffing and rigging, transportation in/on containers, trucks and trailers as well as unloading and stacking at destination.

To protect the used and sensitive equipment, such as compressors, absorbers, coolers, transformers, a cold box, etc., specially selected and skilled teams for project management, administration, transportation, mechanical dismantling,
electrical dismantling, packing and rigging were appointed. Conceptum India`s own transport engineer supervised the complete process.

The biggest piece to be handled was a 104 ton cold box measuring 30 x 4 x 4 metres.

A 650 ton hydraulic crane was used for lifting and a 450 ton crane to tilt it horizontally by tandem operation.

Conceptum's Newsletter 11/12 2017!

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Conceptum Logistics presents a 67,070.00 frts double feature,

starring two ship loaders and tripper cars with volumes up to 26 x 55 x 32 m being shipped from China to Guinea and Guinea to Belgium.

Under Conceptum China's and Germany's personal supervision the first of the two ship loaders was loaded in Nantong, China.

Due to the overhang of its boom, it couldn't be pre-positioned on the quay before vessel arrival.

After being moved to the quay on two 16 axle SPMT’s, the 550 ton piece was lifted on board with the vessel's own lifting gear and two 24 mtrs lifting beams, which were placed under the ship loader.

The ship loader was set directly onto pre-installed rails on the tween deck and due to its size, parts of the weather decks had to be removed. After extensive lashing and securing, the vessel set sail for its 11,007 nautical miles journey to Guinea.

For utmost cargo protection, the vessel was equipped with a weather routing system, giving daily weather, wave and current info, plus an approx. one week forecast to avoid bad weather. When a storm came up east of Madagascar, it could be avoided by taking the western route along Madagascar.

So, the vessel and cargo arrived safely at the port of Kamsar, where our Conceptum team was already waiting.

For a safe lifting operation against sea, wind, swell and sudden vessel movements, anchor points were set on the quay in the centre line between the bogies. When the ship loader was above the rails, chain blocks, connected to the ship loader with long lifting belts, were connected to these anchor points - a protection against vessel movements.

With all this care, attention and preparation, the un-loading and installation of the new ship loader and tripper car ran smoothly. The first part of this great project was successfully executed.

Now, the old ship loader was next in line and had to be loaded on board.

Even though the ship loader has been weighted prior lifting, due to its age of over 40 years, special rigging cylinders were used. These cylinders are able to flexibly adjust the length of the lifting gear by shortening or extending to the required length.

With this specific loading method, the ship loader was placed safely on to the rails, which were installed on pillars in the tween deck. Lashed and secured it was shipped to Ghent in Belgium, approx. 2,946 nautical miles away.

Again, the Conceptum team was already at site in Ghent, waiting for vessel and cargo to arrive, supervising and taking care of the final un-loading operation of this amazing project.

Thanks to the excellent teamwork of all participating parties, all went smoothly and trouble free.


Conceptum Logistics moves another big one for the Mining Industry

The first of two Stacker Reclaimers with a single volume of 36,761 cbm, loaded in
China, bound for Mackay, Queensland for final delivery to site via tug & barge and heavy haulage delivery.

1,500 km across India

Conceptum Logistics India moved heavy lift and oog equipment for the Oil & Gas industry from Chennai to Gujarat - a trip from India's East- to Westcoast.


Conceptum Logistics continues to deliver cargo for a Vietnamese power plant

A complete Air Heating System has been collected from Korean origin with 62 trailers of different types, such as low-bed, slide-trailers and flat beds.

In just 3 days we moved almost 4,000 frtons within Korea into the loadport, another 8 days later the cargo was safely discharged onto barges at HCM.


3 heater modules on 9 flat racks

Conceptum Logistics shipped a double pipe quench cooler as bb shipment on a FCL vessel from Germany to China. Due to dims up to 20.6 x 1.66 x 1.49 m, nine flat racks were needed for safe ocean transportation.

Due to a tight time frame, all permits for inland transportation had to be arranged within 9 working days.

All went fine and cargo arrived safe and sound.

33 meters in one piece

After personal site inspection, route survey, personal un-loading supervision, customs clearance, special road permits and traffic management, Conceptum Logistics India moved a 33 meter long cold box with 70 ts from Mundra to Alang Gujarat.

Due to cargo length the road transportation from Mundra to Gujarat had to be planned carefully. Signs had to be removed, power shut downs organised, trees to be trimmed and special permissions to be organised.

Everything went well and cargo arrived safely.

Unloading supervision in a refrigerator

After delivering approx. 9,000 frts of steel structures for the Mining Industry to Murmansk, our colleague from CL Hamburg supervised the un-loading process at max. 24 degrees below and with just 2 hours of daylight per day. A really cool job!


The perfect place for a personal loading supervision!

To supervise the loading operations for 2,075.532 cbm of highly sensitive and oversized steel structures on two chartered vessels, our colleagues from CL Hamburg went to the beautiful fjords of Molde/Vestnes in Norway - what a beautiful view!


It was damn cold, stormy and icy

These were the conditions Conceptum’s specialist for crane loading operations found at the port of loading in Poland.

With experience, the required sensitivity and timing 2,485 cbm of crane parts with dims up to 24.9 x 1.25 x 1.98m have been loaded safely on board.


Four stackers and bucket wheel reclaimers have been successfully delivered to Morocco

After route survey, site inspection, kick-off meetings with all parties at site and port of destination 9,000 frts of steel structures for a stacker reclaimer plus 100 containers of parts  have been delivered with personal un-loading supervision.


If there is no tug boat available, one has to use what is available

This time Conceptum Logistics Helsinki delivered +1,000 cbm of Heavy Duty Pontoons with 25 ts each, by part charter to Krabi, Thailand. Long tail boats arranged a safe and sound delivery to the final destination.


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